Internet Of Things (Iot) Laws

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing our lives. Its impact on education, communication, business and healthcare will continue to grow exponentially, with one report estimating 25 billion connected devices by 2020, with IoT-related spending to reach $263 billion in 2020.

The wide range of sectors that are reorganizing around IoT projects shows us that the legal support needed by companies active in the IoT sector requires a strong understanding of the technologies involved, coupled with experience in multiple areas of law.

The main legal issues for IoT Companies are:

1. Liabilities of Data Processors because of Non-compliance of Privacy laws and Information Technology laws and Rules.
2. Liability for acts of Sub-processors appointed by Data Processors.
3. Liability of Suppliers in handling Personal Data and Compliance with Privacy Regulations.

We enable IoT Companies to comply with the laws and address all above mentioned legal by enabling them to implement the following:

1. Privacy Impact Assessment
2. Information Technology Law Compliance Audit
3. Implementation of Privacy by Design and a Privacy by Default.
4. Adoption of Security by Design Methodology.

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